Industrial Power Packs

The MHS range of Hydraulic Power Packs (Industrial Power Units) are produced to our own stringent standards and supplied with a full test certificate, hydraulic circuits and installation instructions.

We offer full technical assistance and advice in selecting the most appropriate system for your application. Price and delivery of standard units can normally be given immediately. All of our standard range carry a MHS part number, this is worked out by the Flow, Pressure and motor size required. 

Max Pressure 700 Bar
Max Power Drive 22Kw
Reservoir Capacities 25, 45, 90, 150, 250+ litres
Power options Electric, Air, Petrol, Diesel

Standard components used consist of:

Return line filters, Pressure filter, Suction filters, Filler breathers, Sight level gauge, Pressure gauge, Painted Stove Enameled Green, Float switches, Temperature switches and any valves required

Each hydraulic power pack will be supplied with a full booklet on specifications, these include:

Test Certificate - Inspection Sheet - Motor Connection Diagram - Hydraulic Circuit - Periodic Maintenance - Fault Finding.

Sample pictures of the units we can supply; from the standard off the shelf to the special purpose builds

Our Standard Spec Power Unit

Horizontal build available

Handpump manual backup

Simple Unit with Relief Valve

Petrol or Diesel option

                                  Special Reservoirs and trolleys